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Latest News

Apr 01 2015 - Address update

From 1 April 2015 the British Gas Energy Trust will adopt a new, easy, one line Freepost address. Click above for details.

Apr 01 2015 - New Insolvency declarations available now

New declarations for the Sequestration and Minimal Asset Processes (Scotland) and Bankruptcy / Debt Relief Order (England & Wales) are now a...

Jan 01 2015 - Grants to Organisations 2015

There are currently no plans for further funding opportunities in 2015

  1. Welcome

    The British Gas Energy Trust, which incorporates the Scottish Gas Energy Trust, is an independent Charitable Trust established in 2004. 
    The Trust contributes to the relief of poverty, with a particular focus on fuel poverty, helping those who are struggling to pay for their consumption of gas and electricity get back on their feet and remain debt free going forward.
    The Trust provides a significant difference to the lives of those in need by awarding grants to clear energy debts and purchase energy efficient white goods.The Trust also funds voluntary organisations to provide money and fuel debt services.
  2. How we can Help

    The British Gas Energy Trust helps individuals and families living in fuel poverty or other suffering or distress who are struggling with their gas and/or electricity debts by awarding grants to clear those debts. The aim of the Trust is to give vulnerable individuals a fresh start and enable them to keep free of fuel debts going forward. 
    The Trust also offers help via Further Assistance Payments - grants to clear other priority bills and costs. In addition, the Trust awards grants to money/ fuel debt advice agencies to increase money advice / debt prevention services available in communities.
  3. Apply for a grant

    Anyone seeking help from the Trust must fill in the Trust's application form. 
    Those requiring help to complete the form should contact a local advice agency. In particular the Trust funds 19 organisations across England, Scotland and Wales to help those struggling to clear gas and electricity debts apply to the Trust.

    The easiest way to apply is via the Trust’s online application form. Alternatively an application can be printed from the Trust’s website, or obtained from an advice agency, and submitted via the Trust’s freepost address.







Who we are

The Trust is governed by a Board of independent Trustees, who give their time freely.

British Gas is the sole funder of the Trust. To date they have donated a total of £63 million to the Trust

Their current commitment for 
2014/15 is £10.2 million

How we can Help

The Trust awards grants:

  • To clear domestic gas and elecricity debts owed to British Gas and other suppliers
  • To purchase essential energy efficient white goods and cookers
  • For Bankuptcy/DRO, Sequestration and Minimal Asset Process fees
  • For boiler repairs/replacements
  • To help with funeral arrears.

How to apply for a Grant

The easiest way for an individual to apply is via the Trust’s online application form.

Alternatively an application form can be downloaded and submitted via the Trust’s freepost address.

We cannot begin to assess an application until all supporting documentation is provided. We recommend all applicants seek money advice before applying.